Cover Shoot for Natural Home and Garden Magazine

One of the best things about shooting editorial is the teamwork that goes into getting the perfect images. Recently, the editors at Natural Home and Garden magazine, a national, green lifestyle magazine based in Topeka, Kansas, called upon us to help capture the perfect cover images for their summer issue.

We’ve worked with Natural Home and Garden for the past few years to help them with their photography needs to create beautiful spreads in the magazine; to be able to help on a cover shoot was an amazing opportunity to get our creative juices flowing even more for the perfect shot we knew would attract the magazine’s more than 200,000 readers.

A shoot is a bit like a small film production, with a cast, crew and a director. In this instance, the cast was a gorgeous selection of local, organic foods for the magazine’s cover story, “Eat Better, Spend Less.” The crew consisted of my assistant, Travis, and me taking art direction from the magazine’s editors — the directors. Natural Home and Garden editor Jessica Kellner and lifestyle editor Ginevra Pylant provided the vision for the shoot based on the cover story’s fresh-food angle.

thomas gibson studio and natural home and garden editors

{Thomas Gibson Studio photo assistant Travis, Thomas Gibson, Natural Home and Garden editor Jessica Kellner and Natural Home and Garden lifestyle editor Ginevra Pylant get together for a day of shooting the summer cover of the magazine.}

“We wanted the photos to inspire our readers to eat fresh this summer, and wanted to tell the story of someone who had just returned from their garden or farmer’s market with a fresh supply of produce and flowers,” Jessica says. “We chose organic and vintage items, many from our own homes and from a local antique store (Locust Street Market), because we love the look and we support the idea of reuse over buying new.”

setting up the shot at thomas gibson studio

{Setting up the cover shot at Thomas Gibson Studio}

adjusting the shot at thomas gibson studio

{Adjusting the setup and checking out the view from the camera before capturing the shot}

With the help of everyone on the team, we were able to make the potential cover images come to life. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the shots being considered for the cover.

natural home and garden magazine cover mock up

{Thomas Gibson Studio shot several images for Natural Home and Garden's cover story, "Eat Well, Spend Less."}


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